What You Will Learn:

Old stories are beliefs, attitudes, and subsequent actions that are prevalent in your family line. This could be scarcity towards abundance, mistrust in relationships, lack of body love and confidence, etc.


We all have these stories, and at some point, they served their purpose: they kept us safe and protected to ensure survival and family connection through decades of evolution. We stayed tied and loyal to these stories because they were handed down to us in family upbringing; simply put, we didn’t know we had a choice otherwise; until now.


Over the course of 10 days and through the use of simple creative exercises and meditation, you will learn how to extract these old stories, write new ones for yourself and your generations to follow, and finally step into your most authentic self. Are you ready to write a new story for yourself?

My Story

I grew up viscerally understanding poverty and scarcity. My family struggled for years to attain stability and financial security in a war-torn country, before immigrating abroad. Through their fears and my adoption of their fear-based thinking, I entered adulthood with scarcity as my navigating belief. It affected the jobs I wanted but was too afraid to apply for; it watered down my creativity and held me back from pursuing my passion for writing; it even held me from being vulnerable in relationships.

I knew I felt unfilled in life, but I didn't know how to move through these blockages. With the help of powerful mentors, teachers, and guides - as well as meditation and self-introspection - I began to question my family stories and rewrite them. It has made all the difference.


You will be guided through a series of visualization meditations to get in touch with your body, breath, and intuition. Each meditation is pre-recorded and available for download so that you may return to it as many times as you'd like.


Journaling prompts are provided to help you continue your self-introspection journey. Keeping a journal handy will allow you to track your progress and reflect on your own wisdom throughout the course.

Creative Writing

Everyone is an artist. Throughout this course, you will be encouraged to dance with your imagination, tapping into the medium of creative writing to not only write new stories, but give meaning to the old ones.

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